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Royal Tunbridge Wells

Outdoor kitchen project in Tunbridge Wells with 7-seat integrated bar-height table, integrated four-burner gas grill, Chef’s Anvil wood-burning barbeque and two planters.

Garden design by Karen McClure Garden & Landscape Design,


The brief

Our client lives in the historic Kentish spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells. She wanted an outdoor kitchen for her professionally landscaped garden. The garden and studio office have a clean, contemporary feel, but the some of the surrounding buildings visible from the garden are quite old. The Grillo Forge’s simple and timeless appeal make it an ideal fit.


Design considerations

The client was concerned that the kitchen should fit seamlessly into her area. To match the patio width and the kitchen length for a more seamless appearance, we extended the iroko uprights to the edges of the patio. Another problem was a change in the height of the fence line. Using full-height iroko uprights made for a neat solution - you don’t notice the height change unless it’s pointed out!



The installation was fast and simple, thanks in part to a very smooth patio. As always, we included a full range of accessories, from the logs and crates, to barbeque utensils and some wine for the rack! Click here for our installation requirements.


Garden design by Karen McClure Garden & Landscape Design,