We work closely with specifiers across a range of industries and applications, from hospitality sector to high-end corporate, residential to interior design. Whether you are an architect, designer, quantity surveyor, estimator or contractor, we can work with you to achieve the result you need.


How we work

Who we work with: We work closely with specifiers right across the industry - garden designers, architects, builders, interior designers - and also deal directly with homeowners. If you are a specifier, it is your choice whether we work with you or liaise directly with your client. See more on what we can offer specifiers here.

Design process: The Grillo Forge is not a one-size-fits-all product - each kitchen is slightly different. We work closely with you from concept to install to ensure the end product will meet expectations. Usually we are given some sort of plan or vision for the project - sometimes it’s as little as a set of dimensions, other times we are commissioned with closely matching a layout which has already been designed. We then prepare a tidy proposal including CAD drawings, visuals, costings and mood boards, ready for you to show your client if you wish. A site visit is usually necessary before the installation phase.

Installation: We do the install. We prepare the majority of the kitchen at our premises in Cambridge, to minimize our time on site. Assuming the surface is ready (a flat patio or similar), most smaller layouts can be assembled on site within a couple of days.

CAD drawings

You can access a selection of sample CAD downloads using the ‘Download CAD files’ button below. Note every proposal we produce requires the creation of a CAD drawing. It is therefore no problem to supply CAD drawings tailored specifically to your project. Please contact us with details of your requirements or project.


CPD presentations

We offer Continual Professional Development (CPD) presentations, covering:

- UK trends in outdoor living
- Key principles in designing an outdoor kitchen
- Tips on specifying a Grillo Forge

If you are looking for inspiration for your next project, please book our CPD using the form below.