Whether you are looking to transform your outdoors into a vibrant social space or place to relax, or just looking to create and experiment with your favourite foods and flames, the Grillo range has you covered. A Grillo area will add a new dimension to your home. 


Builders & Developers

A Grillo area will add some distinction and differentiation to set your properties apart in a crowded marketplace. Having unsold properties sitting on your books is expensive. Create desire, overcome buyer apathy, and reap quicker returns on your investment. 


Designers & Architects

Add a new dimension to your design with a turnkey outdoor kitchen and social space. Specifying a Grillo Forge will impress your client, and is a straightforward way to enhance and complete an outdoor area. Its timeless style ensure it will complement any property or project, be it contemporary or centuries old. 


Corporate & Hospitality

Make the most of the ever-increasing demand for outdoor socialising. Create a memorable experience that your guests will come back for time and again. The Grillo Forge is almost infinitely scalable, and the design of the barbeques and flexibility of the kitchens lends them to catering for large numbers. Whether you are a hotel, pub, events centre, or just looking for a creative break-out area for your staff, the Grillo Forge will make for a popular and low-maintenance outdoor experience. 


International sales

We are able to operate internationally in most circumstances. Please get in touch with us regarding your specific project for more information. 



The design's done. Let us configure it to your space.