The only requirement for installation of the Grillo Forge is a flat surface.

The Grillo Forge is free-standing, so no digging is required. Assuming the surface is ready, most layouts can be constructed on site in 1 - 2 days. The Forge’s construction relies on the iroko uprights extending right to the ground, so some rougher surfaces (such as York stone) would be unsuitable as a kitchen base. We also advise against installing a layout that includes the Chef’s Anvil on a flammable or heat-sensitive surface.

Grillo Forge installation image

How we work

Talk to us: The Grillo Forge can be configured to many different layouts – however it is not a pre-fabricated one-size-fits-all product – it can be crafted in many different ways. On most of our projects, we work closely with specifiers from concept to handover to ensure the end product will meet expectations.

Design process: We are usually given some sort of plan or vision for the project - sometimes it’s as little as a set of dimensions, other times we are commissioned with closely matching a layout which has already been designed. We then provide drawings, visuals and mood boards that you can show to your client.

Installation: We do the install. We prepare the majority of the kitchen at our premises in Cambridge, to minimize our time on site. Assuming the surface is ready (a flat patio or similar), most layouts can be constructed on site in 1-2 days.


The design's done. Let us configure it to your space.