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Give your guests unforgettable experiences

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Outdoor kitchens for hospitality: Stay ahead of the curve.


Make the most of the ever-increasing demand for outdoor socialising. Create a memorable experience that your guests will come back for time and again. Summer evening special? Gourmet burgers will sizzle up a treat. Don’t forget the battered onion ring on top - that can be cooked on the Anvil too. For a cocktail party, downsize it. Burger bites.

A variation on December’s festivities? Entertain your guests with oak-fire-heated mulled wine and mince pies. Bring hot chocolate into the 21st century (or take it back to the 16th) with a hint of smoke from toasted marshmallows.

You get the idea. Fire. Fun. Food. Repeat, ad libitum.


The Chef's Anvil: It's theatrical cooking

The Chef’s Anvil is probably the most versatile barbeque your venue will ever have. Its large cooking surface and high potential heat output making it equally suited to keeping warm the hors d’oeuvre for a small wedding reception or being run by 3 chefs catering for an event crowd. It can also double as a firepit, ideal as a centrepiece for a cocktail party.

What is a Grillo kitchen?

Made up from a range of components, a Grillo kitchen is almost infinitely scalable, and the design of the barbeques and flexibility of the kitchen lends itself to catering for large numbers.

The Kitchen

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Guide price £8,000 - £10,000 +VAT

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Guide price £20,000 - £25,000 +VAT

Guide price £50,000 - £60,000 +VAT

Example layouts for catering

Grillo Forge outdoor kitchens can be configured to almost any space, large or small. The design is deliberately universal; clean and simple to complement contemporary architecture, yet the use of natural materials allows it to blend in harmoniously with much older buildings.

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Guide price £80,000 - £100,000 +VAT


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