Havwoods Global HQ

Corporate outdoor kitchen project at the Havwoods Headquarters with seating for 28, a Chef’s Anvil barbeque, integrated gas grill, integrated kamado barbeque, pizza oven, 2 sinks, 2 double fridges and separate bench seating for a further 6 people.


The brief

Our client is Havwoods Global, a large wood flooring company. They periodically host drinks evenings at their headquarters for designers and key customers, going over industry trends and networking. They wanted a large, beautiful, contemporary outdoor kitchen that would both be in keeping with their brand, practical to use, and impress their clients. And it needed to have seating for over 30.


Kitchen design

Our client required a number of appliances and a large quantity of seating to be worked into a long but relatively narrow space, whilst giving a spacious feel. In addition, they wanted to showcase their range of porcelain flooring products, so the kitchen layout needed to be visually balanced with 4 flooring variations.

With careful design and planning, and working closely with the client, we were able to come up with a design that met the criteria. The finished kitchen has a Chef's Anvil front and centre, located in a hexagonal tiled area symbolic of our client's brand. Other appliances include a gas grill, Primo kamado barbeque, pizza oven, two sinks and two double fridges. Bar height seating with our Grillo iroko barstools caters for 22, whilst a further 12 people can be seated on iroko benches (2 integrated and 2 separate). Planters were planted with a range of herbs (near the kitchen) and low maintenance shrubs.