The Grillo Forge is a permanent, free-standing outdoor kitchen that can be configured to multiple layouts, and can include a variety of different features.

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General worksurface

The standard Grillo Forge worksurface is a double porcelain-shelved worktop-height section, with iroko uprights providing support and protection. As with most Forge sections, the general worksurface can be adapted to any length.

Iroko back heights

The uprights can either be full height (1.6m) or worktop height (0.9m). The worktop height iroko ends flush with the upper porcelain surface and has a beautiful exposed endgrain, whereas the full height iroko is finished with a brushed steel capping. Both heights are demonstrated in our showroom - see the scrolling images to the right, or get in touch to arrange a visit.

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Iroko & porcelain

The primary construction of the Forge is durable iroko hardwood and attractive porcelain surfaces. These are seamlessly joined using integrated steel sections, providing a beautiful, practical and very hard-wearing outdoor kitchen and socialising area.


Iroko hardwood

Iroko is an exceptionally durable, low maintenance hardwood. Typically used in outdoor applications, it requires no surface treatment. It is known for its longevity, its resistance to rot and insect attack, and its attractive silvering with age. See our Environmental policy linked at the bottom of the page.

Porcelain worksurfaces

Porcelain is a ceramic that is exceptionally strong, hard, and water, frost and stain-resistant. Fired to very high temperatures, it is also completely heat proof. Our porcelain surfaces have a beautiful matt finish that is soft to the touch, and an attractive, subtly-textured, natural stone appearance.

BBQ selection


The Chef's Anvil

The Chef's Anvil is the centrepiece of almost any Grillo kitchen. A heavy-gauge steel cooking ring sits atop a broad fire bowl and steel pedestal. The Anvil is immensely versatile, its large cooking surface and high potential heat output making it equally suited to entertaining a few friends or catering for a larger event. It can also double as a firepit, ideal for chatting round at a cocktail party.

Gas Grill

A gas grill is a given for almost any outdoor entertaining space, its ease of use and enclosed cooking surface making it particularly useful. We use a quality Cadac grill that integrates seamlessly with our worksurfaces, maintaing the key tenets of a Grillo outdoor kitchen - simplicity, practicality and beauty. A magnetised barbeque cover and a gas bottle are provided as standard.

Kamado Grill

Our standard worksurfaces can be easily adapted to allow the lower shelf to support a ceramic, kamado-style barbeque, so it can blend visually with the rest of the kitchen. We use Primo barbeques, but most types can be used. Contact us if you have a specific brand/size you require.

Pizza Oven

A pizza oven can be specified as part of your kitchen. We use DeliVita ovens, a wood-fired pizza oven handmade in Yorkshire. Simple, portable, good quality and compact - the DeliVita oven is the perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen. The oven can be placed in any corner on a L- or U-shaped layout, or on any worksurface with the lower (900mm) iroko back.
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Bertha Oven

The Bertha Oven is a commercial charcoal oven, designed for the catering and hospitality industry. For turning out food flavoured by fire in serious quantities, the Bertha oven is hard to beat. Its quality, compact footprint, large cooking platform, broad operating temperature range and ability to run on wood set it apart from other products in the market.

Planters & bench

Plants dramatically improve the look and feel of an outdoor space. Our planters are used to finish sections of worktop, and also surround our bespoke iroko bench seat.


End section planters

These planters are placed at the end of a section of worktop or table. They come in two widths, one appropriate for a standard worksurface (640mm), the other for a bar table (1240mm). Both are 400mm across.

Bench planters

Our bench seating option is incorporated into a large, feature, U-shaped planter. The whole design comes clad in the same iroko uprights as the rest of the kitchen, to ensure a seamless transition from one section of your kitchen to another.

Herb garden

We typically plant a selection of herbs, and larger planters will also incorporate shrubs or even small trees.


Bar table & seating

Our bar table provides a beautiful, weatherproof seating area that seamlessly blends with your outdoor kitchen area. A particular feature is the exposed end-grain iroko supports running down the middle of the table. The section can be finished with a wide planter, or left without.

Bar tables come as standard with a full complement of bespoke barstools, constructed from the same iroko as the rest of the kitchen.



Our approach to storage, as with everything else in the kitchen, was to keep it as straightforward as possible.

We provide wooden storage crates with the kitchen. We recommend keeping these inside, and when needed load them with food items, utensils, and everything else you require for entertaining. They can be taken out to the Forge and placed on the lower porcelain worksurfaces. This keeps your outdoor entertaining neat, tidy and organised.




Kitchen sink

Should you wish to plumb your kitchen in, a handcrafted, solid-stone sink can be installed on any worksurface.



Outdoor fridges can be installed under most worksurfaces. Access to an outdoor socket is required.


Standard accessories

All Grillo kitchens come with a range of standard accessories

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All Grillo Forge kitchens come complete with everything you need to have your first party, apart from the food!


The design's done. Let us configure it to your space.